Saturday, January 21, 2012

More High Fashion Crochet

I apologize for neglecting my blog for entirely too long! However, I'm a CofC student with a full-time job where I am forced to stare at a bright computer screen for eight hours a day, and take back to back telephone calls within the confines of a drabby, gray cubicle...but I'm not complaining.

Now for the crochet! What you see here below is a cleverly designed crocheted slinky, black, "freak 'em" dress (as Beyonce would say, to avoid the original term coined by the comedian, Martin Lawrence, which includes the vernacular...if you get my drift). I decided to maximize the size of the photograph for you to notice the thin yarn used to create a netted appearance in the areas
that don't need to be covered, and then a tight stitch to cover private areas. Take note of the chain stitches at the shoulders and chest area.

                                  Revenge of the Granny Square is back...muhuhuhuhahahaha!

These dresses are oh so retro. I'm really in favor of the full length crocheted dresses. I like how each granny square is edged in black, so that the black edging is what connects all the squares, giving a collection of mismatched squares a cohesive appearance. I just wish that they didn't put the red and white, candy striped socks on the poor child. She may be red-headed, but she's nobody's! I don't know what the heack I'm taking about. Oops, did I just text talk? I don't know the rules of blogging, but I certainly would never do that in a term paper.

                                                  This dark and edgy photo...I kind of find it awkward, and the only reason that I've decided to post it is because I'm digging the creativity with the granny squares, and the black lining does remind me of the photograph above. However, this this pose has to grow on me or something, I don't's just wierd. I am totally feeling the black waist band/ belt around this dress versus the thin, brown belt that I believe I see in the granny square dress above.