Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Sister's Crochet

Hello All! I haven't posted anything new for awhile, but I wanted to share some really cool new crochet fashion from Wiggleroomnyc at (update 03/02/13-wiggleroomnyc closed). My sister, Ouida, who taught me to crochet granny squares at the age of 10 years old crocheted a tank top and a dress that's just out of this world! These awesome handmade pieces were available for sale for only $45.00 (the red, gold and green top with the white edging), and the creme de menthe dress is only $180.00 (short sleeved dress can be seen at Etsy). However, my sister closed down her etsy shop, and decided to sell her items privately. Contact Pekuliar Closet on facebook for more information.

This is the perfect summer dress, the filet stitching is perfect for keeping cute and cool on a hot N.Y day. I love the model's (Ore, my neice) short natural hair, which enhances the fresh and cool design of the dress...the color scheme of the design also says "cool breeze". I think it's important to consider all of this when designing a crocheted piece. I tend to struggle with selecting the right color schemes (usually due to poor yarn selection). This is a great example of how to enhance a simple color scheme with an intricate design. This dress can no longer be viewed in more detail at Pekuliar Closet Contact Pekuliar Painters on facebook in NYC for more information on purchasing and custom made items.