Monday, March 5, 2012

High Fashion Crochet, Dedicated to Srimoon!

So, I was checking my email, and I received a beautiful comment/compliment regarding my neglected blog. I was inspired to scour the web for more inspiration before going to bed tonight. I do love this blog, but I recently quit job hunting after snagging an awesome gig as a lab aide in a microbiology lab! Also, Statistics has been kicking my butt! However, there is no must always make time for crochet! Here's a cool link to a site that has an abundance of flower patterns for don't have to make a whole new sweater, you can just spruce up an old sweater or cardigan to start! If you feel ambitious, here's a free sweater pattern link: click here for Crochet central sweater patterns FREE!!! One more thing: Skip To my lou-Click here for the most beautiful crocheted flowers, I've found all night!

The cute, matching frock is to die for! I just love outrageously feminine stuff like this. These came from Elle Magazine...I must admit, 2010, but who's crochet!

I found all of the above pics by going to (google france) and searching "fashion crochet".  The selection only differs slightly, but I am inspired by the dress in the top center, and the one at the bottom center.

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  1. Thank you all for commenting and following my blog! xoxo Ife >-)))>