Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Gift- Multi- purpose drawstring bags

I may have mentioned before that I work in a zebrafish lab, and I really like the women that I work with...they are all scientists and super cool. So, I made the bags below and filled them 
with candy as a Holiday gift. My co workers really seemed to like them. These little bags can work as a cellphone pouch, make up bag, pencil-pen sack, etc. To make them, start off by workin in rounds, like making a hat: ch 4, slip stitch in the fourth chain from the hook to make a circle, ch two and sc, hdc, or dc around, slip stitch in the top of the ch2- try crocheting two times in every other stitch until you get the circle or bottom of the bag to the desired circumference. Decrease every five stitches to create the bend and crochet up until you get to the top of the bag and do a filet stitch or holes-sc, dc, or hdc two times, skip two stitches and crochet the chosen stitch two more times. ch 80 and sc in all 80 to make a drawstring to go in the holes. Make a longer chain to attach to the sides of the bag as a handle. You guys know I don't to traditional patterns, but email me if you need extra help: barrettbossertia@cofc.edu

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Unfinished Crocheted Projects By Ife

The semester has ended for the holidays, and I'm hoping to be more productive or at least more motivated to finish my projects.

Here are the pieces to a set of shorts I started over the summer before the semester started.It is very easy...I will post the pattern in a couple of years when I finish it.;)

A onesie and hat I started to crochet for my niece almost two years ago.

The pieces of a crocheted bear my mother in law, Shelly Bossert created the pattern for (ursorminorminiatures.com), and I started it almost three years ago...it is still in this condition.

My goal is to start some new projects, finish them, and post before school starts.