Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Embroidered Crocheted Coasters!!!

A really great holiday idea is to crochet coasters! This is great if you're lazy (like I've been lately), if you have many people to crochet gifts for or if you just want to make a last minute gift because you're super busy...depending on your skill level, this should take about 30 minutes to an hour (maybe an hour and a 1/2). I have a very unorthodox way of creating my circles, which is just a bad habit, so I posted a link at the end with a good source on a structured way to create flat circles. I usually just freestyle everything because I'm being super lazy. It can sometimes cost you a lot of time because you have to keep starting over, so it's just better to start out right the first go round!
Here is a quick start to a circle, and if you're experienced, when you get to the part where you sc 1x, sc 2x, you can feel out the material as it's being produced...if it feels as if it's getting wavy, stop increasing with the sc 2x. If it feels tight, as if it's about to curl or bend, begin to increase.
To start a circle:
chain 4. slip stitch in the first ch (4th ch. from the hook) to create the circle. Tug on the string that hangs in order to tighten the circle.
sc 2 x in each ch of the circle (because you slip stitched in the 4th ch from the hook, you should have 3 chains available to crochet in. You'll get 6 stitches after you crochet 2x in each stitch).
After you get your 6 stitches of sc (single crochet), slip stitch in the next loop.
chain 1, sc 1x, sc 2x

For the Embroidery:
Here is how I do it:
I place the yarn flat against the back side of the material, and I pull a loop through to the front side of the material. Then you go into the next stitch in whatever direction you need to go in order to achieve the design you want. I had to often start over. However, you can draw on the material and follow the design. Although, when I did it that way, it did not work very well for me.
Check out the video on the chain stitch embroidery.



Here is a great source with rules of thumb for crocheting a flat circle- increasing evenly!

Surface Crochet: Embroidery Chain Stitch