Thursday, December 29, 2011

High Fashion Crochet!

Runway Worthy Crochet

Sometimes the term, "high fashion", can be somewhat of a turnoff...often it is perceived as bulky, ugly, fashionably elite;as well as conceptually and financially outrageous! At one time or another, we have all flipped the pages of a magazine, and thought to ourselves...what's the big deal? Although, in my case, I must admit that I am impressed more often than I am not. A few years ago, I got the idea to google, "high fashion crochet". I would like to share with you some of the sites and photos that google referred me to. I hope you are as inspired by them as I was...enjoy!

This dress is $110.00 by Stewart Brown- handmade crocheted dress. In my opinion, the price is reasonable for the work. However, if you just can't find the space in your budget for a $110.00 dress, buy the yarn, and find a similar pattern or create your own!

Tips and Hints: The skirt portion of this dress was made using a netted or mesh pattern. Here is a link to a guide/tutorial for the following stitches:

Remember the old table cloth your Gran made a million times over?

Well, here's what you could do with Gran's crocheted creations.

This ruffled skirt was once a crocheted table cloth! Who knew that I could rummage through my Gran's linen closet, and find some old table cloth she made ages ago to rework into a stylish skirt or fun dress!

Visit the site, Thread (this is the link), to see more top knotch fashion - links posted on this page

This long, black, oversized crocheted scarf is just the right accessory to further accentuate this sleek dress. I would have styled the model's hair in a simpler fashion, as the dress and scarf are dramatic enough.

This is appropriately titled, "The revenge of the Granny Square"...muhuhuhahahaha! I found this on a site called Jengibre; this is a great blog for all things crochet! Please check it out via this link: Jengibre

Free Pattern: Crochet Granny Square Vest from Lion Brand!

Too many Granny Square Patterns for Your Own Good!!! FREE!!!

click here to access the Hello Kitty Granny Square Pattern link

Speaking of Designer Crochet...

Has anyone ever heard of the counterfeit crochet handbag project?

Here is the FREE link to the pattern for the above bag!!!

A Crocheted skirt, layers of fur, fringes, and lace tights can give your style the Bohemian effect!

I just love this puffy, flower power, crocheted hat!

Click here to access over 100 free crocheted flower patterns on

I Dream of Jeannie...that's what comes to mind when I saw this photograph.

I loved this hoodie upon immediate sight.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Just a Rectangle! HDC Scarf…1/2 Dbl Crochet






Level of Difficulty- Beginner



Materials- Any old ball of yarn- this is a $2 ball of Acrylic yarn from Walmart or some awful place like that.



You’ll also need a crochet needle that is the appropriate size for the yarn. Just make sure that the thread doesn’t come apart when you crochet. For example if the needle is too small and the yarn is too thick, it will be difficult to crochet. If the needle to too big, and the yarn is too small, the loops will be too big, and the scarf will be extremely porous…and it won’t keep your neck very warm.


Row 1- Ch 27

Row 2- hdc into the 3rd loop from the chain (this is your 1st hdc of 25 hdc). hdc 24 more

So, for row 2, you will basically do 25 hdc.

Row 3- ch 2, turn, hdc 24 times.

Row 4, ch 2 turn, hdc 24 times

Continue this pattern until you have a scarf long enough to suit you (or until you run out of yarn!).