Sunday, December 11, 2011

Just a Rectangle! HDC Scarf…1/2 Dbl Crochet






Level of Difficulty- Beginner



Materials- Any old ball of yarn- this is a $2 ball of Acrylic yarn from Walmart or some awful place like that.



You’ll also need a crochet needle that is the appropriate size for the yarn. Just make sure that the thread doesn’t come apart when you crochet. For example if the needle is too small and the yarn is too thick, it will be difficult to crochet. If the needle to too big, and the yarn is too small, the loops will be too big, and the scarf will be extremely porous…and it won’t keep your neck very warm.


Row 1- Ch 27

Row 2- hdc into the 3rd loop from the chain (this is your 1st hdc of 25 hdc). hdc 24 more

So, for row 2, you will basically do 25 hdc.

Row 3- ch 2, turn, hdc 24 times.

Row 4, ch 2 turn, hdc 24 times

Continue this pattern until you have a scarf long enough to suit you (or until you run out of yarn!).













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