Sunday, March 18, 2012

S(t)=h(t) = Spring time = Hat time!

So, it's spring time, and I prefer to work with extremely thin yarn at this point. For this hat, I used a cotton strand that was super thin, and so I bought two balls of yarn, and put the two strands from each ball together to make one thicker strand, but it's still not so thick that it's heavy. I apologize because I threw the wrapper away, and I can't remember the brand name. However, the yarn is so thin that it's perfect for making doilies, and the needle I used is a #5 Steel Crochet Hook 5-Size 7
This is a photo of the actual yarn and needle I used. I had chained 6 at the point in the photo.

$1 online: Boye's Crochet Hooks feature the preferred tapered throat and smooth rounded head. Precision-crafted quality assures a fine finish and accuracy of gauge."
Above is a pic of the two balls of yarn after I already crocheted the hat...I just took the picture.

The Pattern, kinda sorta...

Ch 6

Slip stitch in ch 1 to create a small circle.

DC 6 around the circle (repeat 2 x or until the circle starts to bend in the slightest)

To make a flat circle, increase by dc 2x in 1 stitch, dc 1 (repeat around until flat circle and return to 1 dc in each stitch)

Repeat until you have a flat circle about 7 in diameter. Below is a you tube video on how to dc decrease.

Dc decrease once every five stitches all the way around, so dc 5, decrease (dc decrease).

Crochet once in each stitch all the way around for about 10 rows

To make the brim:

begin to increase by 2 dc in 1 stitch every other stitch for one row. so, 2 dc in 1, 1 dc in 1 (repeat around) repeat until it gets wavier or you can decrease down to 1 in each stitch again to lessen the waviness of the brim.

United States standard crochet hook and knitting needle sizes

Millimeter range Knitting needle size Crochet hook size (letter) Crochet hook size (numeric)
2.25 mm 1 B 1
2.75 mm 2 C 2
3.25 mm 3 D 3
3.5 mm 4 E 4
3.75 mm 5 F 5
4 mm 6 G 6
4.5 mm 7 7
5 mm 8 H 8
5.5 mm 9 I 9
6 mm 10 J 10
6.5 mm 10.5 K 10.5
8 mm 11 L 11
9 mm 13 M/N 13
10 mm 15 N/P 15
12.75 mm 17
15 mm 19 P/Q
16 mm Q
19 mm 35 S
25 mm 50

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  1. My husband drives for a living, and he installs gps tracking devices in new vehicles, you can see all of his boxes in the back seat of the car because he was dropping me off for school the day I decided to take pictures of my hat...haha. I hope the boxes don't distract too much from the hat. LOL.