Saturday, February 9, 2013

Simple Double Crochet Pot Holder

Simple Double Crochet Pot Holder
 Level: Beginner
Row 1: ch 72-102 (or whatever length/width you'd like it to be)
If I want to dbl crochet 70, I chain 2 more because I like to skip two chains
before I make the first dbl crochet stitch to form the second row.
Row 2-12: skip two chains by dbl crocheting in the third loop the hook. Double crochet all the way 

to the end, and you should have a total of 70 or 100 (if you do it like I did).            

Edging: you can single/half double/double crochet around the square once you get to the end of the

12th row. Just twist the square around  at a 90 degree angle (simply go around the edges).

The loop for hanging: once you have gone completely around once and you get to the last stitch

(which should be right next to the first edging stitch that you started), join the first and the last stitch

with a slip stitch and start a chain. Ch about 5-7 and slip stitch again into the same stitch or right next

to it. Cut the string and tie it off. Take a smaller needle if you have it and pull the loose string through

the back side of the stitches.

Here is a funny picture of my cat on our neighbor's porch.

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